Makeover With the Camera

We are all very critical of ourselves. Fashion models grace the covers we see everywhere we compare ourselves to all that "perfection" out there. Want to know a secret? Those models really don't look like that. I know, I've seen what models look like before the makeup, lighting and post retouching. I do the retouching so I have an intimate knowledge of 'imperfections'. I am one of those who alters photos to create the best possible representation of my work. Yes, models need to have a certain look but if you think they don't have zits, rolls, tummy bulges and short hair, you've been duped. And probably by someone like me.

The models have artificial everything. (I wish men would pay attention here). From nails and eyelashes to hair extensions and breasts. That's okay, models want to model and know what looks good in front of the camera. Fashion models need to be a certain size and shape, while glamour/beauty models know what they need to do to have a certain look. But my point is, not many were born this way.

Women who model, LEARN how to model. You can have a beautiful person in front of the camera and if they don't know how to shape the body into a pleasing composition it doesn't work. When you combine all of the above with the composition, the picture just works and those are the ones we see.

This is not a blog posting about altered photos. I played with Barbies and am just fine psychologically, I love taking boudoir and glamour photography and Playboy has its place. What this is about is you!

Stop putting off having your boudoir portraits done. Don't worry about that tummy or your complexion. Sure, try to make yourself the best, but what is fun about doing these photos is what you see when you're done sitting for them and I'm done retouching. I'll take away all your worries and self criticism. You'll be very happy with the results. Retouching is a way of life now. Why not get the most out of it yourself since everyone else does!