Tips to Prepare for your Glamour or Boudoir Photoshoot:

Whether you are getting photos for yourself or a loved one, glamour photography can be a fun and sexy way to express yourself. Photography can be the reassurance on paper, like a mirror, that you are beautiful! Women come in many shapes, sizes and ages-all unique. But we have one thing in common: We are beautiful! Capturing your individual essence is what I do with my camera, in a comfortable, fun and relaxing environment. Let's see what we can come up with together to make your photos very unique and powerful. I'm fairly certain you'll love the results!
Did you do your homework with your Pinterest board? Remember to collect inspiring shots of poses or settings that you like. This goes for Pin Up too!

Your hair and makeup are previously planned but what else should you do to feel ready for your
photo shoot?

I suggest pack up the night before or in advance so that someone special who is suppose to be surprised doesn't catch you off guard. Plus it releaves the stress of driving and arriving on time.

Bring more items than you need. Forgetting shoes is common so remember the shoes!

Be sure to color roots so you don't have 2 hair colors going and one you may not want!

Wear loose clothing that won't leave marks on your body or tight elastic.

Plan on arriving early so you're not frantic or stressed!

Don't get a spray tan or tanning booth. It isn't flattering for these portraits. Tanning booths leave white marks in creases and spray tans look like, well, spray tans! Creamy skin is so beautiful with natural light and what I use most often.

Arrive with a clean face and no makeup. Your hair clean and ready to style.

Get a manicure and pedicure-Hands and feet are always showing!

Moisturize moisturize, moisturize!

Relax and remember it's worth it!