Camera Confidence!

How does a woman gain confidence? When does it begin? Is it inherited? Do you learn it as you age? Does a another person give that to you in a relationship? How do you know you look the way you want to look, with confidence?

I think it is a little of all of the above. Many girls seem to just have the right attitude right out of the womb and continue to cultivate it through their teens and beyond. Mothers play a big roll in how we view ourselves. Supporting, loving and proud-and letting you know it give their daughters a strong self image. Then there are the girls growing up who just didn't get that support for whatever reason. Studies show that a great self-image can be inspired in girls if the compliments and pride come from their father since he is the first male in a girl's life. Dating, finding that significant other who sees perhaps what we don't see with the initial attraction helps with that self-image and confidence. We learn through the eyes of others.

The camera is a sort of 'eye' that reveals truths about ourselves but not always accurately. That one photo can break or make the way we feel about ourselves for years. The sad thing about it-the way the flash went off, the lighting, the camera, the photographer or location had a HUGE influence on what that photo of you looked like. Those nice pop-up flashes on cameras? Yeah, those, they create garish splotches on our foreheads and red eyes. You know what I'm talking about. Color? Let's not even get in to incandescent vs. natural. These really mess up a picture. Phones on our cameras have hit a better quality but no where near representing beauty in a person.

My point is, you've probably gotten a lot of your self image and confidence from an inconsistent medium. How else do we see ourselves if not for mirrors or photographs? So, we assume we are what we are based on some sub-standard recording.

Considering boudoir photography, the first thing in your mind is "oh no, I've seen myself in front of the camera and I didn't like what I saw"! Forget that!!

Seriously! This is where professional photography comes in along with retouching and presentation. I can't imagine a woman out there that doesn't deep down want to have a beautiful picture of herself. I also guarantee that there is not a woman out there that doesn't want just a little to be photographed like all the models we see in those magazines. The truth there is not one of those models started out perfect for the camera. There was a lot involved to take that gorgeous picture.

That's what I do with my skills as a photographer. First, we get to know one another. This helps you and me work together. The facial expression with the slightest glance or muscle movement will make or break it in a studio. When you are comfortable, the YOU comes out for the camera. Then we talk about what you want to do with the pictures. Are you doing them for yourself or trying to turn on your significant other? Do you want that person to see you in a different light? We discuss sets, ideas, stories or desires. Shooting day it is all about you. My studio has a kitchen, sitting area, dressing area, sets, props. Whatever to make you feel relaxed. A makeup artist and hair stylist can work with you that day and you'll have it all!

What you see of yourself when you get to review your proofs is the self image that you want to have as a women. You are that sexy, confident, beautiful, provocative or whatever else you imagine woman! Let's talk about it together. Give me a call or email me. Just that first step will get you on track to capturing everything you dreamed about yourself!