What Does Your Prop List Have On It?

How many of us have no clue what to do with our hands? Just stand still for a minute and put your arms and hands down to your sides. (Like when you draw a person in art class) Doesn't it feel weird? Now imagine yourself standing in front of a bunch of people. What do you do with your hands? You probably want to have note cards in them or a microphone. Or, if you're like me, you flail your arms, gesticulating wildly while you talk.(That's the Sagittarius rising in me) We humans have these appendages that dangle along our sides with a serious reason to be there except when we have nothing to do with them. Now, what do you do with your hands when you're posing in front of the camera with not a lot covering yourself. You feel really awkward now! If trained in modeling, they know what to do. Always have a bend in your arm, throw your arms up over your head, hug yourself and curve shoulders forward, etc. But the majority of us are not trained models. That's where props come in. Giving your hands something to do besides posing them in the prayer position with your chin resting on them (so '80's) is just weird. So when you're imagining yourself in front of the camera posing for boudoir pictures, put something in your hands! It not only gives them something to do, it puts your body in the right position sometimes too for a great pose! So, start thinking of things that might make great props to incorporate into your photos. Studios have a lot of things that you can use but don't often tell your own story or reflect you. What is personal to you? What turns your partner on? Do you have a favorite hat, pair of gloves you could pull off, teddy bear? The list is endless. So before your shoot, make your 'to bring' list. Whether you use them or not, you're prepared to not only make some use for those dangling things on your sides but also personalize your boudoir portraits. Here are some ideas: Beads & sparkly costume jewelry Favorite bric a brac Feathers & feather boas Seasonal fresh holiday decor Black lace parasols, Victorian birdcage, umbrellas Fresh flowers in season: sunflowers, daisies, dahlias, roses Creme drapes, lace parasols, and pearls