Boudoir, Glamour or Fashion?

With boudoir and glamour Photography, the definition of each is a little skewed and can be confusing. Not that there is a lot of difference but as a photographer who does both I think I can see them as separate genres.

Boudoir is the soft focus, bedroom scene or romantic narrative that tantalizes, turns on the viewer and speaks a more intimate and sensual language. There is something more voyeuristic with boudoir. Boudoir means a woman's bedroom, dressing room or even sitting area. Hey, combine them all! Historically, women socialized in their boudoir sitting areas and not that sort of socializing:) It lends itself to personal and private, so women choose this type of photography for their portraits as a way to share their intimate self with their special someone loving occasions like a wedding gift, anniversary, military gift or Valentine's Day. So, boudoir photography is about a woman dressed intimately, be it lingerie, sleepwear, or implied nudes where you hide with sheets and pillows. You can have a nude silhouette but reveal little about the woman keeping it a tasteful image without being pornographic. You are sharing something very personal. Beauty is important of course but because you're sharing them with your partner, they already think of you as beautiful and now you have proof that you are!

Glamour photography is all about the woman's beauty. But then again what photos do you want to be ugly in, right? It is also about being sexy, tantalizing, flirty and naughty. Think Maxim magazine and even Playboy. This portraiture can be on large billboards featuring woman's underwear and seen in Sports Illustrated with bikinis. It covers a wide range from partial nude, full nudity, revealing clothes, and tasteful eroticism. It is not pornography. The set can be boudoir-like but more often, when I shoot glamour it is not a bedroom oriented and doesn't need to be lingerie. Short shorts, bikini, net tops, see-through, etc. Glamorous make up, brighter lips with gloss, focus is on your eyes looking right at the camera, etc. These photo sessions can be in the studio or on location. They also can be just for you so you can see just how beautiful you are!

Fashion and Modeling focus on the clothing being worn since fashion is about the garments and lifestyle rather than the model herself. Fashion models look away from the camera and shape their bodies in what looks to be odd poses but look great on camera and great for the fashions they wear. Models need specific shots for their portfolios and a variety is best. Head shots are the most important. But models need to show their versatility and the more different sets and poses with outfit changes the better chance of finding work.

Pin Up and Hollywood glamour are two types within these genres. Pin up has come back in to vogue and women are choosing this playful and teasing style for their special someone. Props play a big roll in pin up photo sessions like old pop bottles, vintage suitcases, beach balls, cute chairs or classic poses that narrate a 'story'. Sometimes called cheesecake glamour! Hollywood glamour tend to be sultry and black and white with strong shadows and deep contrast. And everything retro is in these days.

I shoot is all-cool and fashionable, hot and sultry, elegant and refined, or edgy and alternative. My style from beautiful Hollywood glamour to hot Maxim shots to Playboy style nudity, erotic couple shots and high class fetish and eroticism. We can go 50's and 60's to retro old Polaroid shots. What direction we go is entirely up to you!

Have some idea of a photo session?Stop by and Take a Look!- I love new ideas and enjoy the creative opportunities!