Christmas in July!

My tiny Fiat under a blanket of a foot and half of snow!
Heat waves blaze across the country and all you want right now is an ice cream treat or a good cold soak in the pool. I know, me too. In fact, I was in NYC last week during their heat wave and it was BAD! This was AFTER I left 100 degree days in Denver. It has been relentless this summer.

But with only 5 months until Christmas, you may want to consider thinking of those toasty fires while the weather outside is frightful. It's going to be here faster than you think and if you're planning on some beautiful portraits for you special loved one, now is the time to book your session! With photographers, it is never too early to book. If you're tied by work weeks, there are only so many weekends available-say like 20! So don't hesitate to decide on what you want to do and start planning the date. This way you can also shop for special outfits or lingerie pieces for your shoot. If you want make up and hair, that's another consideration since many of them do weddings and you know when those take place! Eek, it IS closer than you think!

What better gift to give than a calendar-not cute baby kitten ones but a hot sexy kitten like you. 12 months of looking at your and reminding yourself or him that you're beautiful and you're not going to let anyone forget it FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR!

Boudoir, Glam, whatever you want to do photographic-wise makes 12 great shots for your gift giving! How about a classic pin up calendar! A classic man's gift without the tie:)

Happy Christmas in July!