Getting Started in Modeling

A lot of girls have always wanted to appear on famous fashion spreads in magazines, to walk the runway, or to enter the world of bikini modeling, where models strut their stuff in the skimpiest outfits for all the world to see. Though it looks easy to posing and having someone take the photos, becoming a bikini model entails a lot of preparation. Tnisha modeled for year both editorial and swimsuit, but she will tell you that it is not easy to model. Staying in shape is easy when you are single but when you get married, keeping slim and trim is hard work. We are showing you some shots of Tnisha from her early days as a swimsuit model, we hope you enjoy them. Here’s her tips for new girls looking to start working in the swimsuit industry. Tone your body. In order to be worthy of a spread in Sports Illustrated or the local magazine, you must possess a toned body. Though many men preferred barely there outfits on womanly curves in the past, nowadays, it’s all about fitness and looking like one was born with that micro thong bikini or Brazilian micro bikini. Groom yourself. Of course, after toning the body and keeping it in tip-top shape, you can take the next step to becoming a bikini model: grooming yourself. Keeping a clean appearance never did anyone wrong, and getting rid of unsightly hair in certain areas can only contribute to your chances of making it to the cut. A clean look radiates health and freshness that most swimwear companies and fashion magazines look for in models. Eat a healthy diet. Eating a healthy diet lets would-be models fit nicely into a micro bikini swimwear set or a super micro bikini. Eating the proper food combined with getting enough rest and exercising can help keep you in shape not only on the outside, but also on the inside. Get yourself out there. Before hitting big time, you should always start small. You can start with posing for local swimwear and swim gear establishments. Choose projects carefully, taking care to pick out offers that are in sync with what you want to achieve. You can also consider compiling a portfolio of accomplishments such as print ads, videos, and other media.
Those who are serious in making a career out of bikini modeling can get an agent who can help them get more opportunities. So there you have it! Get yourself ready for the next season, find and agent and move forward – it’s lots of hard work but lots of fun. This article appears in Blush Magazine Online Photographer Karen Aguirre