Photography and Parties-They Go Together!

Back in the day of film, my grandparents had their 50th wedding anniversary party. I was designated photographer and we'd planned to take all the family group pictures before other guests arrived. So, we all assembled and I began snapping the group portraits. This was in the days of 36 exposure colored film. I had had a camera by this time almost 10 years so far, so the following story is a little painful. I kept gathering the family, everyone posing and smiling and I looked down and the number that counts the film exposures kept moving up in number beyond what normal rolls had at the time...36, 37...42 oh no! I can remember the ultimate dread move in to my heart as I realized I had had NO film in the camera. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??? Having to tell my grandparents was humiliating and we started to gather the groups again but this time around we were a little harried since guests had begun to arrive by this time. I'll never forgive myself! And that was almost 26 years ago! Cameras and parties just go together! These days EVERYONE seems to have a camera- with cell phones and i pods and all their megapixel improvements in such a short time. You want to capture that instant of fun, laughter or time. We have no other means to remember those moments and as the years move along, our one way, i.e. memories, begin to betray us. But photos are exactly what it was. I love hosting bachelorette parties for women who are wanting to celebrate a moment with great friends and not spend a lot and be original. Capturing the time right before she embarks on a whole new chapter in her life is what makes having a photo shoot party just perfect. You not only get to indulge your glamour or sexy kitten fantasy, but you have friends who will get to have their portraits done with you and in a way, have a gift to themselves. Groups of women have brought their own decorations and food since the sitting area and kitchen are perfect for a party atmosphere while one woman is getting her portraits done. I've even had a chocolate fountain going for a wedding party shoot. Laughter abounds! But most of all, that instant that you're all together, bonding, sharing and making it a lasting memory with photos of you! These days, I don't shoot with film so no fears I'll have forgotten to load the camera! The digital world has given me as a photographer unlimited possibilities. Your job is to have fun and together, we'll make your bachelorette party a lasting memory! Oh, and it doesn't have to stay in Vegas!