Get the Best Photos with a Makeup and Hair Artist

When you've made that first step to book your boudoir photography session consider having your makeup and hair done professionally. Just as a bride would want to look her best and books a makeup artist or a model relies on a perfect face for her pictures, so should you expect to engage a professional makeup artist and hair designer for yourself! Makeup and photography go hand in hand. They work together to create a beautiful portrait. Consider yourself a canvas-do you want finger paints or sublime brushstrokes? Your makeup artist should understand how the lighting and camera captures a visage. Regular applied makeup we throw on everyday just won't cut it for the lens. I asked Brittany Slaughter, a Denver makeup artist and hair stylist about her career working behind the scenes making people beautiful. Here's what she has to say...

How long have you been making beautiful people?
I think  beauty is magical. I make faces and style hair for a living. I make silly faces too, but only upon request. I have been making people look and feel beautiful for 5+ years and hope to do this for the rest of my life.

Where did you get your training?
I received my education in Cosmetology in 2007 and continuing my journey in learning and growing with this industry everyday since.

What sort of venues require a makeup artist?
´╗┐I've worked in various settings from salons and makeup counters to the back of my car on location and backstage at Fashion Week. ´╗┐I am fully experienced in creating looks for Wedding Parties, Boudoir/Pinup, Special Occasions, Photo and Video shoots and Fashion Shows and anything from Naturally Enhanced to Fashion Editorial. 

Why have your makeup done professionally for the camera?
´╗┐Professionally applied makeup and styled hair are services that complete the look you desire and guarantees that you are 'camera ready'. I am trained in understanding the effects that various types of lighting have on makeup and trained in selecting appropriate products and in application techniques for waterproof-long wear.

What can you do for the everyday woman wanting boudoir portraits done?
I provide hair and makeup services that are designed for professional photography settings. This means perfection! Using only products that are made to show up all day flawlessly in person and forever in your photos.

What makes a great makeup artist?
 I create looks that are an extension of your personality while focusing on showcasing and highlighting your fantastic features. With me, you never have to worry about quality or which side is your 'good side'.  I strive to make all my clients look and feel amazing. From lashes to lip-gloss. I love what I do and I love my life!
Brittany Slaughter is owner of Alchemy Artistry and can be reached at