I'm in Love!

My Odette Barsa find displayed on my vintage vanity
 in myboudoir photo studio -notice the vintage
spaghetti porcelain poodles!
Recently on a trip to Philadelphia and the area to visit old memories having lived there a while ago, I came across a great little vintage clothing shop on a corner in West Chester, PA (got engaged nearby 24 years ago!) called Malena's Vintage Boutique. (malenasboutique.com) Here was this beautiful pink negligee in pristine condition. Probably given to a woman by her husband and never worn! As I was looking it over when I got home, I noticed the label which had Odette Barsa on it. Heading for the computer, I found all kinds of info on her and her lingerie line which she began in the '30's! That's why I'm in love. Not only with the lingerie, but the time period, the inspiration it brings and another thing to collect! According to OdetteBarsa.com, Odette Barsa had a talent for feminine design. She was a front runner in leading fashion trends and first started designing lingerie in the 1930's after her husband lost a lot from the crash of '29. Odette was known for her integrity, quality, style and elegant fashions. She was featured in many magazines including Life, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar and sold at top retailers including Bonwit Teller and Bergdorf Goodman. Her designs were often categorized as glamorous and represented what was called the original Hollywood lifestyle. She designed through the 1960's and her brand remained in production for over 40 years. She died in 1975. From my research, it looks as though her sons took over the business:
 "The elegance and grace that Odette designed has been updated and the brand has been expanded to become a lifestyle, now every woman can wear the Odette Barsa Brand and feel glamorous. Odette said it best, "Every woman has a talent for living". You deserve to live comfortably, stylishly, and fabulously. The Odette Barsa way." 

The collar/yoke is exquisite with its pleats-made
of nylonand wonderfully soft. Made in USA!
Now I want to go and find all my vintage lingerie I've collected over the years and see if I don't have other interesting designer labels!