Pick a Photographer on Price?

Value yourself and look for a professional boudoir photographer

We want our money to go as far as it can and get as much as we want with it. I remember when 'generic' brands came out and it was a real radical idea. Original generic was white packaging and black labels. No secondary branding but real basic. Kind of weird.

I've been clipping coupons more lately and I always look for online coupons to get free shipping which in recent years has added a lot to Ebay purchases, etc. So finding 'free' is a welcome thing. But I've learned that generic dish soap is a bad purchase. I have to use double to get suds!

But, there are times when the amount of money you spend for something isn't about getting a deal. But about quality and long term value. For example, I was having a conversation with a wife/husband painting team. I met them last fall through a nation-wide painting company as they were the sub contractors. When the job was finished, I realized that the nation-wide company was obsolete. It was this couple that did the work and did is so well, I took her number down to keep for the future. I've since had 2 more jobs that I've used them for. They are so detail oriented, go the extra mile, professional, do what they say they're going to do and think of little extras to  make it perfect. She said to me that often times they'll bid on a job and get bid out because people think only of cost. Those people are then disappointed when the painters arrive and get the job done in a day. No priming, caulking and scrapping-details that make for painting investment to last a long time. So you can buy cheap but in the long run you'll be paying again. Certain investments require not just cost as a factor but how the job is done, what the result is and how long will it last.

Maybe this isn't a theory for a can of green beans but it definitely should be considered when selecting your photographer. You're going to be recording yourself or your event for the future and it has to last! If not, what's the point? Look for a photographer that thinks of the details, is skilled at retouching, gives you a pleasant experience and makes you proud to see yourself in your photos! The time and money that you spend for a photographic experience is too important to base your decision on cost alone. Look for a photographer who specializes. You don't go to a general practitioner for a nose job do you? Neither should you choose a general photographer for your boudoir photos. You want a photographer who knows women!

So, here you are, considering a bridal boudoir shoot or sexy portraits for your military husband and you're considering a photographer who does seniors, families and boudoir with sitting fee and a Groupon offer. I wouldn't want to take my clothes off for a photographer who just takes pictures. I want someone who understands my fears going in to this, works to make me comfortable, captures my essence and not a cheesy pose and retouches my shots to make me look the best I could possibly be. The cost for photography services can vary widely from a few dollars to hundreds or thousands of dollars. What is the difference 
and why?

What is a Professional Photographer?

A real photographer understands light, composition and, most importantly, they understand people. A glamour or boudoir photography session should be more than just snapping a picture. You can do that yourself with your digital camera. A fine portrait should bring out the best in a person. It should depict their character and portray them in the best light. Most professional boudoir photography sessions last from between one and four hours, have custom lighting and environments, involve dozens or even hundreds of frames, and utilize the services of a certified makeup artistimage retoucher and fine art print maker. The goal is to create an image that cannot be achieved in any other way. An image that goes beyond a mere snapshot and into the world of fine art reproduction. A professional glamour photographeris a craftsman, an artist, a psychologist and a poet. The moment of capturing his subject by releasing the shutter is only the beginning of the image creation process.

Why A Consultation?

In order to achieve the above, a complete understanding of your desires and expectations are required. The 
glamour or boudoir photo session needs to be planned, just like you were going to shoot a movie or a music video. Costuming, hair and makeup, lighting and intent are all a part of the planning process. My tip for looking for a boudoir professional photographer is to actually talk to that person. Emailing won't allow you to hear how they will make you feel. Are they enthusiastic? Friendly? Do you have a rapport? These things you can't put a price on. Make the consultation appointment and finalize your decision.

Just remember as you consider your boudoir photographer that there are a lot of hidden values that might not be evident until you see the big picture, so to speak. Like when your portrait is done and you look like a plastic Barbie doll. The price tag is only a small snapshot!