How My Sessions Work

Recently I received an inquiry about boudoir portraits and the "how my sessions work". Yesterday, I worked with Jenny and thought I'd share how our day of shooting went.

Everyone is a little nervous. I'd had the advantage of meeting Jenny before so I knew she was familiar with me as a photographer. But, no matter how many times we've done something before, the unknown makes us nervous. But being a former Midwesterner, I have no problem making conversation and before you know it, we're talking like girlfriends! I hope we've met ahead of time for coffee but sometimes that isn't possible.

While you're getting hair and makeup done, (and my makeup artist is phenomenal!) we can chat and review ideas that you have while you're being pampered. (See your Pinterest Board!) Don't forget to savor your chocolates and listen to music:)

I like to suggest that clients start out in their absolute favorite outfit; one they know works on them, their favorite color or less revealing. This way their confidence is strong. Don't try the brand new lingerie set that you haven't had on yet. Wait until you've warmed up and feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. I too have adjusting to do with respect to lighting and skin tone etc. since everyone is different. We wouldn't want to waste the coup de grace or piece de resistance (whatever that french expression says;) on bad pictures!

Together we picked out the outfits Jenny had brought and coordinated shoes and the set we'd try. We started out in my larger studio for some high key shots: White on white. A few props, a chair or two and we got great pictures working together. We moved to my other shooting location in doors to capture more of the boudoir look for her.When you have multiple options as I do, the possibilities are endless for some great shots. I try to shoot with a lot of natural light since I've got great windows just perfect for flattering you. That's why I normally start sometime in the mornings.Then we tried different wardrobe with furniture, lounges, doors, pillows, etc. And after all this, we had really gotten to know one another and by the end, had had a great fun filled day capturing her beauty with my lens!

Hopefully you've done your homework by starting a secret Pinterest board! I hook up my tablet and we can then get inspired by some of the shots you loved as you gathered your favorites. This makes sure we get exactly what you want and helps explain poses and styling.

I am always a little unsettled saying goodbye-After all, we've shared an intimate time together and it seems like I'm saying goodbye to a friend. That's why we meet again to see your pictures during an ordering session and plan our next move:) I've kept in contact with most women and enjoy our friendships and changes that come along in life. Some women I've had back for a second session as an annual event or asked one to return for a fun editorial shoot I've planned. I love seeing the baby pictures from the maternity shoots-talk about a before and after event!