Denver Boudoir Photography-Retro Advertisements

I scanned this ad from a 1940 July edition of McCall's magazine. (A price of 10c) (I think I paid way more than that for the vintage piece.) I love reading the articles almost in a time traveler sort of way. You know the history and what happened since then. Kind of like re-watching a movie over and over. Just think, in 1940 Europe was in the midst of a World War and the US wasn't involved directly yet.

I have many other vintage magazines but another one of interest that gives us a piece of history still living is a 1952 edition where it discusses the fashions for the Queen's coronation -That's Queen Elizabeth II who is still a sitting monarch 60 years later!

I find the advertisements to be the most fun. Pictures of products, some of which still exist and other brands I don't remember when they became non existent. Whatever happened to Coty? The beautiful old cars that back then in the ads are like the ones we see currently; the best, newest and most modern with top of the line features. We look at these cars and use them for pin up shoots and they stay hidden away under serious collector wraps now.

I just loved this ad here. It's an ad for a corset. (no mention of the word 'bra' or 'girdle' by the way.) The company that makes them is a corsetiere! You can get a free body analysis to determine your size and what 'problem' areas you might have from someone who comes to your home. (Anyone remember the Avon lady?) Can you imagine wearing such a contraption as this? I guess it was the precursor to Spanx?

Perhaps women nowadays might find these items cumbersome for our lifestyle but they probably would be of use yet today. There are many 'problem' areas that concern a large proportion of the country's women! No wonder the silhouettes of those years are so feminine and curvy with tiny waists. They weren't starving themselves, just holding it all in with serious corsets!

We really don't suffer as much as our grandmothers and before them. We have it quite good in a lot of areas where women didn't historically. I can't imagine mopping and doing the laundry in pantyhose...