Photography as Art

Using one strip box and strobe, the light wrapped around
her body creating a perfect sculptural image
Thomas Kinkade was dubbed the "Painter of Light". I remember when I first saw one of his paintings before he went over the top commercial. I thought the light streaming out of the beautiful Victorian house in the snow was a scene in which I wanted to exist and so beautiful. It was so realistic and heartwarming. I enjoy creating photo realistic artwork with graphite or my acrylics. I've been painting and drawing all my life so I understand the concept although executing it is still a challenge! Some people would say why paint something realistic when you can just take a photograph of it? I hate that question. I can't answer it! I love painting and I love photography. Perhaps it is the means to the end not the end result that is the enjoyable part. It is tough and challenging to one's skills to understand depth, light, darks, and perspective and create something from nothing.

2 strip boxes and a strobe threw light on each side
Light is a HUGE piece of photography for obvious reasons. You can't have an image without light. How one uses the light with their photography is what makes a photographer an artist too. Again there is the 2 dimensional surface of a print that needs to show depth, light and darks. You can call this 'painting with light'.

A Fine Art Piece of Photography
Recently I had a client who wanted to do some artful nudes. One of my favorites since it creates these sculptural forms of the body. The results are stunning! Plus, there is no need for makeup, retouching or one's hair done. It shows very little identity of the person and one can enjoy their portraits as pieces of hanging art even when grandma comes over:)

Women who might not want to pose nude in the bright studio type environment find that the sculpting with the lights is very flattering and tasteful. It hides so many flaws and yet shows essential areas and curves making this a true piece of art of a woman. I love doing this genre of photography because it gives me the chance to be creative, challenges my skill as an artist/photographer and produces these incredible images of the human form.