Scary October Specials!

Gil Elvgren 1962
Pin Up calendars are so much fun! They can be flirty, saucy, sexy and just plain beautiful! With all the props available that you can use for a pin up photo session, each month is easily represented. Since we've entered the 10th month of 2012, I thought it a perfect time to show off a photo shoot recently with a gal who's going to create a pin up calendar with her photos. Pin up is all about exaggeration and almost acting in a way. Facial expressions have to make that 'oops' look. "Gee, is my dress showing my panties?" Oops! "I didn't know that the wind would cause my stockings to show!" Oops!

I've done pin up with a variety of props from mirrors, hats, a retro telephone, candy boxes, suitcases all with the purpose of telling a story. A lot of pin up pictures were sexy but they also were editorial. Creating holiday themes is fun-recently a Valentine's Day candy box with a tiny red present was perfect for a pin up February page.

Everyone cooks in stockings and garter belt right? That's the fantasy world that's fun to create with you as the subject. I love shooting pin up and so for October's special, book a boudoir or pin up photo shoot and receive a free 2013 pin up calendar! They're high quality prints on thick calendar paper and you can be the subject every month!!

And here is one other offer for those reading the Belle Glamour Photography blog! Shhhh...if you like Belle Glamour Photography on Facebook do I have deal for you! Mention this blog post in your comments and I'll fill you in! But it's just for October so if you're thinking of getting boudoir portraits done for the upcoming other holidays, couples boudoir, pin up shoot, or both, now's the time to book!

See you scary soon!