Boudoir for Two

When someone says boudoir photography, one thinks of women posing in sexy lingerie, seductively pouting and displaying the come hither look in their 'boudoir'. This is actually what boudoir photography is. There are extremes like playful pin up genre to implied nudity to sensual sexuality. It all depends on what the woman wants to reveal, show, what story she wants to tell and what her significant other will love to see. This is tends to be just the right amount of surprise gift.

But, have you ever considered the two of you posing in sensual photos? Couple boudoir is becoming a popular portraiture and done right, it is distinguishable from obvious porn. Which is something most photographers do not attempt. Couple boudoir is about your relationship with your partner; a glance, touch and a story-your story together.

It is almost easier than individual portraiture since it is about the two of you not what you look like. There is a sensuality that shows in the pictures not an expression. Faces don't necessarily need to be complete to know what it is about. It's about romance, your romance and recording that for yourselves only. These pictures are tasteful and elegant and reveal your love for one another. No matter where you both are during the day, or a stretch of time, you can always be together forever!

It's never too early to be thinking of Valentine's Day! The pressure on guys is humongous! So, perhaps a little bird just planted an idea for this coming Valentine's Day-a little romantic photography for two!