Girls Glam Out at Studio

What to do for a teen girl's birthday party? She's too old for Disney princesses and too young to drive and go on her own. But, they're still young girls growing into stunning women. That's where the idea of a glam photo party came about. Forget the current rock star du jour theme, or sleepless sleep over with intravenous sugared soda.

I had 4 wonderful girls come for a few hours to get their diva on and glam out. Each had an opportunity to have a makeup artist give them a special touch and with their over-stuffed bags of outfits, accessories and shoes, they put together their looks to show off for the camera. And, despite the rain, snow, sleet, rain and snow and cold with sleet, the evening ended with some very gorgeous girls ready for a birthday dinner and lots to laugh about while they left the studio.

Shooting on a professional fashion photography backdrop, they posed, laughed, twirled, jumped, made silly faces and played for the camera. I had as much fun as they did! I initially worried that bringing out their personalities was going to be the toughest part and having them just pose in the best way possible. Boy, was I wrong. They knew exactly how to just keep moving like a pro model. The worry I ended up with was how I could possibly edit all these pictures! Where to begin since they were all fabulous!

As a mother of teens, (okay, well, a couple have hit their 20's now) and a former high school teacher, you would think I wouldn't have much to surprise me anymore. I was delightfully thrilled to see their faces light up for the snapping shutter and embrace the whole event. They were all beautiful and it warms my heart to have been part of a girl's 14th birthday; giving her something lasting and memorable through pictures. I believe they DID have a sleepover that night but not as the party itself, as an add-on to an already cool evening being diva models and strutting their stuff all within a the context of showing how great they will become.

Angelia McLeanComment