The Fantasy Artist

Boudoir photography is not like most portrait photography. You don't really want it to be either! Boudoir is all about the fantasy; the sensual editorial portrait that seems to tell a story. Why is she waiting? Of Whom is she thinking? What just  happened? Boudoir portraits, lingerie photography or glamour images, call them what you will, are not senior pictures, Christmas card portraits, a professional head shot, yearbook school pictures or anything like this. Boudoir photography isn't about showing exactly who your are, warts and all, it is about showing what you are inside AND hiding the warts and all. Why not?  

It is showing a moment of beauty, a pause in time with just the right  amount of revealing emotion. It is soft, sensual, seductive,sultry, and did I say sexy?
I see a lot of women very self conscious of what they look like almost to a point that they don't feel they have the 'right' to do boudoir portraiture. Yes you do! Every woman wants the fantasy. Every woman wants to demonstrate to their special someone that they're worth it! And every woman should! The soft lighting, blurred scene, romantic pose, these are all things that are what makes a boudoir session a fantasy portrait session.

But while you think that putting on great lingerie, getting wonderful makeup and hair done, a mani/pedi and giving that sexy pout for the camera will create the fantasy, this in itself is somewhat a fantasy too. It isn't that easy. And as you choose a boudoir photographer, snapping the shutter is the easy part. Knowing how to pose you to reveal your most flattering side is a must have skill. A lot of knowledge is required beyond the camera and lighting skills. And, it is also the editing after the shoot that is going to create your fantasy and the most consuming time for the photographer/artist!

I use the word artist because that is what I am. A photographer/artist. I take great pictures of women and then turn them into beautiful images. It is all time consuming, requires digital artistry skills and a knowledge of the human body. When I do nips and tucks, face lifts, and microdemabrasion digitally on the computer, I have a fundamental understanding of the female form. I've studied art and figure drawing and can manipulate the image to the best advantage for the woman. I enhance the beauty that is already on the screen with my artistic skills. Sometimes one image can require a half to an hour of work of post processing. And yes, the right lighting will reduce a lot of post work but this is what the expense of hiring a boudoir photographer is. There is little cost to a photographer when it comes to film and development. Most use digital! Time is what you're paying for and the value you receive is behind the scenes with their digital knowledge to create your fantasy.
Beauty doesn't come cheap. Looked at the price of wrinkle cream lately? Neither does a fantasy. When you view your portraits you will see yourself as part of the fantasy. The one where you have been captured in the perfect world of beauty. Choosing the right photographer AND the right artist will give you exactly what you dream!