On the Fast Track With an Editorial Fashion Shoot!

 I fell in love this this part of Denver this past summer having discovered it while shooting with my son on a sort of impromptu photo walk. It is the LoHi area; Confluence Park, the former Forney museum and a view of Elitch Garden in the distance. I saw these railroad tracks and imagined them the perfect place to create an editorial fashion shoot working with one of my favorite models-Frinza. I wanted this old Grapes of Wrath-1930's feel to them and have them tell a story-of which is up to the viewer to interpret. Where is she going? Why is she dressed like that to be walking? Why on the tracks? Who dumped her off? Did she run away? With the teddy bear, it gives an extra mystery to the fashionable woman. I love creating stories and doing so with the camera is a lot of fun. It can be quite involved with stylists, models, and makeup artists or just simple like our photo shoot one Sunday here. Just out on a balmy day-late November, enjoying some photography fun!