The Perfect Gift

I share letters that my client friends send me through my website since I believe that these personal experiences really relate to those that are still on the fence whether to try a boudoir photo session or are worried, self-conscience and not sure which photographer to choose. These are straight from women, like you reading here, interested in boudoir who were nervous, anxious, worried about what they looked like, etc. (You know how many excuses we women create...) so I've never blogged about a letter I received until I got this one. It just gave me the biggest thrill and biggest smile the other day. 

Beyond the pictures and of course that IS the point, there is way more to boudoir portraits. There is self esteem, pride, feminism, love etc. And this letter just speaks volumes that I can't always explain to would-be clients looking for these special portraits. This just says it all...

Read for yourself her experience having just given her portraits to her husband. It is magic!

So when my husband opened the calendar, the first of the two gifts, I had it open to a random month.  He made it through a couple of months and said "Hey, this is the same girl on each page" I just nodded along, the he said "She looks a lot like you..."  Then he got to the the last page, which shows my face and he was floored.  He finally got to the cover and thought it was the best calendar he ever received.
For the last gift of the day I gave him the second item, the book.  He was amazed.  I am a pretty shy girl, and generally do not allow my photograph to be taken so when he saw the book he was just blown away.  The second time he flipped through it I don't think he even looked at the pages, he just kept staring at me.  I got so flustered I said " that's what professional hair, makeup and photographer gets you." He said "No, this is what having an amazing wife gets me..."
Best gift ever.  Though he did say that he wasn't sure if he could ever go back to a store bought calendar again.... So I might be seeing you again for next Christmas!

Thanks so much for an incredible day and gift for my husband!  Hope you had a Merry Christmas and hopes for a great New Year.