Valentine's Day Boudoir Session!

These 4 great friends gathered for a fun day at my studio for a Valentine's Day party shoot! They all came with their favorite lingerie and outfits and their significant others in mind! While there were wardrobe changes or cupcake eating, one gal would be in front of the camera as she and I tried different sets to meet each's  personalities and inspirations they brought with them. Once we were all warmed up it was more laughs and fun encouragement between them all! What a super group of young women and I wished we could have kept going a little longer:) Here is what S.D. had to say afterwards about her experience...

"This was my first ever photo shoot, and it was a blast! Thank you Angelia for making this an awesome experience. This is definitely not the last time I will do a shoot. I loved the variety of settings. It kept the flow of the shoot moving and exciting. The vintage style furniture was beautiful and fun to pose with. I like the pace in which Angelia works. My whole experience was comfortable, fun, and worth it!

I was able to be myself with so much support. I couldn't ask for anything else.

I've never done a shoot before, and it was the most fun I've ever had! Angelia made everything easy and comfortable. I wasn't at all nervous. Ladies, if you are having any doubts about doing this, don't. Beauty is flattering on every woman, and Angelia captures it flawlessly in her photos."

It isn't just the taking of pictures (of course that's the main point) but the discovery of oneself and the validation that you are beautiful with the loving support of your dearest friends. What an awesome time! For me, it is meeting new people, becoming inspired by each woman's ideas and suggestions and having a great time doing what I love.