Featuring YOU! A magazine devoted to your sexy photos!

13 Pages (or more!)of YOU!

For His Eyes Only

Magazine devoted all to you

You are the Centerfold!
I have been looking for a great way with high quality to design and print personalized magazines for women who want to give something a little more unique than a regular album or one of my custom album books.

Announcing a new way to display your beautiful portraits-Magazine Style-Called "For His Eyes Only" 10 Reasons I Love You! Personalized with your pictures, words and quotes and custom designed to your heart's content! You will love it! He will love it-And  no more subscriptions to those 'other' magazines that capture a guy's eye. Now he has you front and center in magazine format! Be Miss March or Miss December-Be the hottie of the month:) No limit to the number of pages and make it yours by words, other images, anniversary mementos or first date thoughts. Anything you want him to remember along with your gorgeous boudoir portraits is possible!