My Love of Mannequins-Welcome Bonnie

My son helping me assemble her

Wearing her sexy traveling mask
Vintage grass skirt, Elvis record and bathing top!

I can't explain it, I just do. I have a thing for mannequins. I've taken pictures of mannequins for years now-maybe they're like dolls? I love dolls, or perhaps they are just these ideal forms that are proportionally pleasing to the eye? I don't know. I have a mannequin whom I've named Lucy. She's been around for about 4 years now and has not been healthy of late. Her leg broke as I was using her to shoot wardrobe for an editorial. She now resides in the studio in various parts but she will always have the first place honor. My recent purchase is named Bonnie. She will move into the roll of wardrobe fitter, poser for lighting work, and all around mannequin girl-friday;) Here she is posing in just a couple of my new vintage pieces I bought last weekend. I will post more as I go through my new pin up collection!