Creating a Fashion Shoot Theme

I love scheduling 'self-assignments' with my photo shoots. And movement and beautiful, ethereal fabrics captured with my camera.-oh and did I say tulle? What can I say, I love tutu's:) For this fashion shoot I am creating skirts with gossamer fabric and tulle with head pieces made of matching colors in the tulle netting and flowers. I've arranged for models to work with and my wonderful makeup artist friend Brittany Slaughter. Together I envision just simple poses and an outdoor setting (if the weather around here is cooperative) but with them moving and spinning the skirts and their head pieces so they're light and alive. With Brittany's makeup inspiration t elements-earth, wind, fire, water. Mmm, what a great assignment!he whole shoot should be beautiful! This one I just finished is a moss green skirt with pink accents. It occurred to me that I have almost the 4-earth, air, fire and water! I love homework!