An Experience and Losing My Camera

"Hey, just went over and picked them up, the books are beautiful and my husband really loves them    thank you so much Angelia:) I really appreciate the time and dedication you put in to make the whole experience fantastic:)" Shelly

Just wanted to share this little message on my blog because the word 'experience' sums up this fun portrait genre and what I do with my photo sessions. It is an experience rather than just a 'sitting' session.

It is like a mini makeover and lots of fun. You don't sit on a posing stool and have me tell you to tilt your head and turn a little this way or that. It is me and you, our Pinterest board of inspiration that you made and my camera.  It's an unlimited amount of time for your session; your day, all about you; and a fun experience!

Sometimes I describe my boudoir portraits time with you as a collaboration-see my blog below on that idea...with us just two women and a chance to really get your dream photos. Every woman wants to be that awesome cover girl and that's what I give you. 

Honestly, I think we are just like these gorgeous photos 75% of the time. But because we look in the mirror with awful light bulbs, take camera phone pictures, have bright flash flare out our faces, that we think this is how we look all the time. With a professional chance at pictures you can see exactly what you look like ALL the time. But like I said, never know it because we can't see ourselves as much as others.

Yes, a collaboration as I mentioned but that doesn't mean you need to know how to do it all. That's where I can show you, demonstrate, and plan poses with you that works for you, your body type and what you're wanting to capture. And I use the word collaboration also in that I often get so wrapped up in our time together that I'll set the camera down and then can't find it when we're ready to move to another pose. That's where we laugh and search for the darn thing. It is so much fun:) AND you have an AWESOME EXPERIENCE!