Fantasy VS. Realty

This was posted to my Facebook wall by another and it just makes me giggle. But more than that, sadly it's true! Who isn't afraid of something like this? You find your nerve to put yourself in front of the camera in an intimate setting only to see the results that are far from what you imagined! Photography is a fantasy. It is creating something however we want it to be. There is not one rule that says you can't have what you want when it comes to your boudoir portraits. We have a fantasy and we want what we want as women!

With all the visual media out there, we have a need more than ever to have a great photo of ourselves. You have an audience!Whether it is work or social media, people are more visual than ever. The right image of yourself is important and a big deal. But boudoir photography is something private and personal. It's not something that you do over and over yearly (although many do)-it's an investment in your self esteem!

It is a serious responsibility for a photographer to give a woman her fantasy and the best possible portrait ever. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people out there advertising for your attention and not all of them qualified to mess with boudoir. Here are some tips to ask a photographer when considering intimate boudoir portraits.

1. Have them describe the studio setting they shoot in. Is it meant for sexy glamour or for babies and families with the quintessential bed in the corner?

2. How long have they been shooting glamour/boudoir? Is it their focus?

3. Who else is there when you have your shoot?

4. Is hair and makeup done by a licensed professional?

5. What kind of retouching does the photographer do and what is the philosophy on retouching?

6. How long is the session? Is there a ticking egg timer so you're in and out the door while someone else is coming in right after?

7. Will you be rushed?

8. Can you meet ahead of time?

9. Do they understand wardrobe? What's the difference between lacy top stockings and thigh highs, mmm?

10. How do they help you pose? Do they know the best posing positions to flatter every woman?

11.Can they guarantee their work?

12. Letters from previous clients?

Notice that "how much" doesn't even come up in the first 12 questions! You're hiring a professional and hopefully have found one who is a professional boudoir photographer only. Would you hire an architect photographer to shoot your wedding? Boudoir photography should be a great experience and the results you'll want to cherish and pull out again when you're 70! Remember that this is more than the cost of a session. It is capturing your essence, recording it for the future, showing your love for that love of your life and giving you proof that you are beautiful! Can you really put a price on that?