True You!

A great boudoir session this past Saturday with a lovely woman who wanted to shoot some boudoir and sexy portraits for her husband who turned 50 this year. As we planned our session together we often discuss the final result and the recipient of the photos. It's of course a good start and that tends to be the motivating factor of considering doing these portraits; a gift for a special someone, I think the woman in the photos gets much more of a gift! By thinking of yourself first, the genuine essence of you comes out and you are true to herself. Nothing is worse than trying to please someone else. Please yourself first. Find your sexy, see how beautiful you are, have fun and smile, feel pampered and pretty and the rest is cake! The beautiful you will shine through and when you hand over your album present to that significant other, you will do so with a little smile knowing you got way more out of the experience than you thought possible! And the woman looking back at you in those images will be the true you!