Boudoir Photography -- A man’s perspective

OK, lets be clear about this.  I am not talking about a man posing in lingerie, which I believe is called “Dudeoir” (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).  No judgement here, that is just not what we're talking about.  This is a man’s perspective on female boudoir photography and particularly when a man is to be the ultimate recipient of said photographs.

I know that a lot of you gals are a little worried about this.  You know you are going to look fabulous and you’ve gotten over the hurdle of taking off your clothes for a stranger.  What you are worried about is what will he think?  Will he be shocked?  Will he think less of me for showing off my sexuality? Will he like them?

Let me start off with a disclaimer by saying that I am lucky enough to have been the recipient of boudoir photographs given to me as a present from a girlfriend.  To this day I have never received a gift as magnificent or that I cherish more.  I suppose my reaction was pretty typical, so I feel qualified to answer those questions.

Number one.  Yes, he will be shocked.  He will be shocked that you care for him enough to give him such a profound and intimate gift.  It will shock and amaze him how sexy you really are and not just how he imagines you (and trust me, he does imagine you as a sexual creature).  And he will also be shocked at how lucky he is to be with a woman like you, a woman with the courage, self-confidence and poise to put herself out there on film (well OK, nothing is on film any more, but you get the idea).

Number two.  No, he will not think less of you.  On the contrary, I can assure you that he will not believe his good luck to connected to someone with the strength of character and self-confidence to give a of herself.  Ask yourself how many girls do you know who have been willing to give something like this to their boyfriend or husband?  It will put you into a unique and very exclusive category.

Number three.  Will he like them?  I assume if you are doing this for your special someone, that you and he are already in a steady relationship (boudoir photographs are probably not the perfect second-date gift!).  Clearly he is already attracted to you and finds you beautiful.  Boudoir photography does not create a different girl, it gives the girl that you are a chance to be portrayed at her sensual best.  So if he already likes you in sweats, a tee-shirt and pony-tail he is going to LOVE you in a garter-belt and stockings with perfect hair and provocatively made-up.

And one more thing, don’t forget the lingerie.  It might not be what differentiates men and women, but it certainly makes the most of those wonderful differences.  I’ve never known a man who isn’t melted by his girl in a bustier or waist-cincher.

So there you have it girls.  If you’re thinking about treating yourself, or that special someone to some beautiful boudoir photography, go for it!  I promise it will be the greatest gift he ever receives.

Oh yeah, and that girlfriend I mentioned.  I married her and we have been happily married for 25 years.  And I have never tired of getting sexy pictures of her.