Implied Nude in Boudoir Photography

Many women once we've worked on the romantic boudoir part of our shoot want to try something a little more daring. I shoot artistic nudes either with light sculpting or ethereal-like boudoir. Some arrive not being sure they want to try it and of course everyone can choose how much they reveal. Sometimes I let women know that if there is any little desire to try some artistic nudes while we're shooting then I say go for it. 1. You don't have to choose the photos if you don't want to, and 2. you've invested the time and energy I wouldn't want you walking out the door wishing you'd just tried it. You'll be amazed at how gorgeous sculpted nudes can be! Another word for shooting nude but not revealing anything is called implied nudes and one can have clothes underneath a sheet or behind something looking like you don't have anything on but tricking the viewer! Or you cover certain areas with arms or hands or shear fabric creating a romantic nude but not giving up more than you want. All of this is possible while we're working together at your shoot. The majority of women do some sort of nude portraits and it empowers them! They always love it!