Snipping Inspiration!! Finding Ideas for Your Boudoir Photography Session

I have a lot of notebooks labeled for different themes like fashion, posing, art, etc. I love meeting the women that are looking for beautiful boudoir portraits. Meeting ahead of our shoot alleviates the nerves and makes the shoot day just a lot of fun. Not formal, the chance to talk and get to know one another is the priority. Sometimes we have to focus back to the purpose of our get together as we find so many things to talk about beyond boudoir photography! At the end, not only do I  have a better understanding of the woman that I will be shooting, I feel like I've met a new friend.

Along with our discussion about the process, we discuss ideas and inspiration for our shoot together. Where do you find ideas and inspiration? Many women turn to Pinterest for their portrait ideas which help me understand the styling, lighting and flavor of the woman. Pictures speak a 1000 words!

Inspiration can come from places other than the Internet too. Magazines sophisticated like Vogue to simple monthly women's magazines like Redbook or More can have images of fashion and posing that help get the ideas flowing as to how you want your shoot to be.

I've been a collector of magazine images for decades and they fill a lot of notebooks. I rip and tape hundreds of pictures from magazines or postcards, junk mail-anything with an image that spoke to me and made me want to keep it. I've ripped and taped on airplanes and trains, traveling long distant and in bed, much to my husband's dismay, when it is after midnight and I'm still tearing paper out!

When it comes to ideas for posing, colors, lighting, fashion, makeup, I have notebooks to turn to that get my own ideas flowing and makes for a creative photography shoot with the women who expect something new and exciting.

I want every shoot to be original. Yes, there are the 'boudoir poses' but they can be pushed to their creative limits by what is added to them or how they're processed to create beautiful one of a kind pieces of artwork starring YOU. This is your fantasy and feeling inspired will create a beautiful and memorable fantasy for you.

Whether or not you intend to shoot a boudoir portrait session, collecting pictures for any project is a lot of fun. Painting a room? Dinner party table? Need help with a wardrobe? It is a relaxing way to just indulge the senses and yes, Pinterest is the digital version of this, but there is something so ideal and portable when you do it the old analogue way! Happy Snipping!