Miss Christmas? How about Valentine Boudoir?

I know, you've been thinking of doing some great pictures of yourself as a gift for Christmas but with all the activities and tasks that take up your time in your life, the holiday is upon us with no pictures. There is another great holiday to treat yourself and someone you love with beautiful you pictures! How about Valentine's Day. Don't you just hate when they wipe the Christmas cards off the shelf and December 27th there are Valentine's Day cards already? We always have to jump ahead. But in the boudoir world, this is THE holiday to gift yourself and someone special. What better way to start out the year then with awesome portraits of you:)

Here are some interesting facts about Valentine's Day presents-The following are the most given gifts. And you'll note they all have something in common:
Dining and Eating Out-34%

They all are temporary! They either make you fat or die! Beautiful portraits are timeless! How often do we look back at older pictures and marvel at that time of your life or recall great memories. That's what makes photography a much better present. It doesn't ever end, make you fat or die! Avoid these terrible thoughts and consider pictures for an awesome out of this world gift to yourself first then for someone else. You'll have great memories AND a great butt shot!