The Beauty of Patina-Just Not on Our Faces!

OLD Giant Redwoods! Love'em!
If we're so obsessed with vintage, why then are we afraid to grow old? Think about it...who doesn't love Downton Abbey and the era it takes us back to, or Madmen and the vintage craze it has inspired? We love a good patina, we age things into 'shabby chic", dye fabrics to make them look old and aged, revere old pictures of a bygone era, and stare as a baby blue, 1952 Chevy with fins drives by. But why don't we accept that fact that when we look in the mirror, we fear what we'll see? Gray hairs? Crows feet? Sagging jawline? What is it about the idea of aging as beauty and all that time and knowledge that surrounds us as something to erase, smooth over, hide, disguise or suck out?

I don't have the answers either. Facing a big number birthday the end of February this year is not something I'm looking forward to. I don't like knowing that things start to not work as well and vintage is more a negative connotation than something that should be collected! Collecting old dolls maybe, but not old women! Can we truly accept how we look as we age? Why don't we want to be old?

OLD! Stonehenge -Tourists come from all over to see this!
My grandmothers looked old when they were my age I am now looking back a family photos. Their lives were much harder than we have these days so aging is something that doesn't happen quite so quickly. Some women are genetically predisposed to aging earlier and some found that getting a sun burn was a rite of summer! We now know it doesn't help the skin!

Bratislava, Hungary-I love shooting OLD places!

As a beauty portrait photographer, I am exposed to other women who don't want to show any signs of age and want a quick face lift via Photoshop. Me too! We never feel our age inside most days. Many people in their later years will say they still envision themselves in their '20's or '30's. Perhaps we want the gift wrapping to match the present inside:) Denying aging is not going to go away. Americans spend over $88 BILLION-yes, THAT many zeros, on anti-aging products. The marketers won't let us accept our age. And I will continue to fight the gray and wield my magic Photoshop skills to erase the patina we have earned but don't welcome!