Creative Boudoir Photography Takes Time!

Creative boudoir can't be done in a marathon!
Valentine's Day has passed and hopefully love is still in the air! This year, I decided not to do the 'boudoir marathons' that have become so popular during this season of amour. I found that rushing through a bunch of women only to send them on their way with a few shots with the same poses and props wasn't for me nor was it what I wanted to offer my new found client friends. An experience and collaboration where the two of us work together to create awesome, beautiful and personal boudoir portraits is what I want to offer and do. So being a quick shoot with in and out revolving door just won't happen in my studio.

A new prop for outdoors-
vintage screen door!
The key to awesome boudoir portraits is creativity! And creativity takes time; time we spend together getting to know each other and finding out what it is that best expresses who you are! I love when a woman comes in with a bunch of new outfits, gorgeous lingerie, accessories and props that range from guns to parachutes! Yes, I've had all kinds of fun things. In addition to what they bring, I'm always scouting for new backgrounds or 'sets'. Recently I purchased an old screen door. Look how cool this was with my red 'barn' studio B!

I joke about being short on attention span. I'm a person always searching for new and different. Photography is perfect for me as I can decide how, what and where with my client's how what and where! We collaborate to create spectacular and unique sexy and intimate portraits as individual as the woman I work with. I love it!

Who are you in pictures?
Kate and I spent hours together
capturing her different sides!

So, who are you as a woman? What do you want to express? There is more to boudoir than sexy pictures! Do this for yourself, take the time to think about what you want and give yourself a day to capture the beautiful you! Our lives are already marathons; boudoir photography shouldn't be one!