You’re Not America’s Next Top Model?

I invited another blogger to share her thoughts about body 
image and staying positive about YOU! 
Margaret is half owner of In Bloom Counseling, LLC in the Denver Metro Area.

So You’re Not American’s Next Top Model or Are You?
Loving Your Body, Regardless of What you Think You See

You are beautiful!  Yes, you!  How often do you tell yourself you are beautiful?  Probably not often.  And why not, you are!  You know what else, your body is amazing!  Yes, your body!  All the fabulous things it does for you every day!  Incredible!  I wonder, when did someone’s ideal of beautiful become yours?  When did you start to criticize and hate your body?  Compare it to others?  Become dissatisfied? When did society’s standards for beauty become unattainable for today’s woman?  For you? For me?  We live in a body conscious society, everywhere you turn is another size zero pushing the latest fashion.  Eat this and lose all your excess weight.  Do these exercises and drop those unsightly pounds.  It’s everywhere, there’s no escape, it’s like a b horror movie.  The images of super skinny woman surrounding you, everywhere you go, everywhere you look.  We are surrounded by photo-shopped super skinny women.  The latest diet and exercise craze shoved down our throat.  The idea that thin in happy.  Who comes up with the stuff?  Really thin is happy?  Not the last time I checked.  Happiness is loving the body you have.  Happiness is being comfortable in your own skin.  How do you see your body?  Are you satisfied with it?  Are you constantly trying to change something.  Thinking that if you can fix that one thing you will be happy.  But the next thing comes and goes and then the next.  You get caught in an endless cycle.
What can you do?
1.       Stop judging and comparing yourself to everyone else.  Everyone’s body in unique to them.  Each person has a different relationship with their body.  Everyone has a story to tell.  Their story in relationship to their body.  Just because you think someone has it all doesn’t mean that they do.  You can create your own story about someone else based on how they look but the truth is you don’t know their story.  The body you crave the most could be the unhealthiest body or  photo shopped.  Comparing your body to others hurts you and is detrimental to your body image.
2.       Start loving your body.  Appreciate what your body can do.  Have you ever stopped and thought of the amazing things your body does for you?  Think about it.  Write it down.  Start thanking your body for everything it does for you every day.  Without your body where would you be?
3.       Tell yourself you are beautiful every day.  Look in the mirror and say, “I am beautiful!”  Why, because you are, you are unique and beautiful!  You are one of a kind!

At In Bloom Counseling, LLC, we believe everyone woman is beautiful!  We want to help every woman feel fabulous about herself.  We want to stop the self hate cycle and help woman feel their beauty.  We want to help you change the lens in which you see yourself!  To see yourself in a new loving light!  Because honey, you are beautiful and you are amazing! You can contact In Bloom Counseling by emailing