The Light in Boudoir Photography

As the window light shoots through sheer fabrics, the outline and silhouette of a woman's body is defined. It is one of my favorite things to shoot. Not only loving the outcome but the process. Often times we laugh as the model and I try to move her body in just the right  way to have the spotlight of sun shine on just the right location. I say, highlighting the goods:) The window panes make for awesome lines and patterns and the outcome, despite the best intentions, can be fickle but never bad. Fabric is my friend and if it isn't a sheer curtain picked up from Goodwill, then a gossamer vintage robe does the trick. Capturing the shape and arching ability of a human body is art in itself. It is like painting a classic but doing it with light and photography. Boudoir photography can be more than just a bed and lingerie; it is all about the woman's form and how best to capture it!