Tanning and Boudoir Photography-Should You?

Pale and porcelain looks stunning!
Many women who plan their boudoir sessions have a laundry list of 'to do's before their session; waxing, mani, pedi, hair roots redone and of course the fun shopping!! These all are the must do's of boudoir.

But often times I will meet with a woman who mentions she needs to get some 'color' to her skin or go for a spray tan. Nothing to me is worse than a fake tan in that 'out-of-the-bottle-orange' or even burned skin because getting that tan was too rushed. This is in addition to it just not being good for you!
Look Mom, No tan lines!

Despite the fact that they believe their tans will look better for their session, nothing is further from the truth. I advise NEVER get a tan before your boudoir session. When the window light is coming through and the gorgeous colors of the lingerie compliment the skin, nothing is prettier than the look of perfect porcelain. This is for all the pale Caucasian gals of some Northern European descent! When the beautiful browns of other ethnic women the effect is beautiful but natural. No tacky orange or tan lines so they're all ready for their session with their beautiful skin. This is for the pale ladies who see that as a negative thing. NO! it is gorgeous on camera too if you just leave it alone:)
Orange, orange and more orange-and aging skin!

Nothing is worse than the decolletage area of a woman's neck being super brown, almost burned and dark spotted against other areas not tanned. It is the first thing one sees when looking at their pictures. Or bikini lines that look fine if the bikini is there but since other lingerie has other straps and shapes the lines just show.

And if this doesn't convince you enough, just remember that nothing ages a woman faster than dark spots, age spots and wrinkles!