Dress Up and A Mother's Day Photo Session

Sweet little girls and their mom make beautiful pictures together!

Capturing the love of a mother with her 2 little daughters was an honor I had been given recently. Mom wanted portraits of the 3 of them enjoying some of their favorite girly thing together. Warming up to the camera was easy once these cuties figured that throwing flowers with mom was going to be the treat! The unbridled joy every time I see these portraits puts a smile on my own face. Reading books with mom is another favorite and was important in telling their story in these photos. They also played dress up and capturing the big high heels and fancy pearls with mom in the mirror was precious. Just comfy t-shirts and bare feet put the personality into this photo shoot. I guarantee you will smile yourself looking at these. Every little girl should be happy in their photos. What we hope as we grow into women is that we continue to have this expressive joy and happiness with ourselves and our relationships! Happy Mother's Day everyday!