Bridal Boudoir and Where to Buy Lingerie in Denver

This is for all the girlfriends out there who buy lingerie for the bride for her bachelorette party. Taste is important! I have a lot of bridal boudoir women who are gifting their sexy portraiture to their future husbands. And wow, there is some ugly lingerie out there. Brides want their boudoir portraits special, unique and timeless. As much as we think the guy is going to love the skimpy string teddy that takes a user's guide to put on, the fishnet bodysuit, or the marabou baby doll, it doesn't really come off well in romantic boudoir portraits and looks cheap, more burlesque and cheesy rather than classy and sophisticated. It also is out of the bride's comfort zone. She already feels nervous about the whole idea of taking boudoir photos, let a lone in something she feels obligated to wear.

Gag gifts are novelties and fun but if you know your BFF is going to have boudoir photos taken, choose a piece of sexy underwear that no one will be embarrassed to view over and over again in their boudoir albums. Pictures last a lifetime! Or give a gift card to say, Victoria's Secret and she can do the selecting with you!

These bridal panties for a boudoir shoot are cute and tasteful!

I've compiled a list (probably not comprehensive) of the Denver Metro Area lingerie stores that might help you get started. Each may have their own specialty:


6460 E Yale Ave

Denver, CO 80222

Phone number

(303) 691-9991

NV-Park Meadows Mall

Le Soutien

246 Milwaukee St

Denver, CO 80206

(303) 377-0515

Sirens on Third

3003 E 3rd Avenue

Denver, CO 80206

(303) 322-7500

Nu World

244 S Broadway

Denver, CO 80209

(303) 955-2573

And for my Wyoming clients:


219 W. Lincoln Way


I've also seen some gorgeous items come from Nordstrom's. So check out department stores too. Online there is Frederick's of Hollywood and their taste level is not super high but I recommend them for finding the lace top stockings.