It's Senior Portrait Time!

Having the opportunity to capture Megan in a senior session last week was such a fun treat. What a wonderful young woman! I loved the opportunity to meet and discuss ideas so that we captured this one particular moment in her life just before embarking on the rest of her life.

Memories of my senior portrait session was a photographer's studio and holding my hands and head in just the right way with the photographer directing me to move infinitesimally one way or the other. The backdrop was the same and when the yearbook came out, everyone in town had gone to that one photographer since we had all the same backdrops behind us! Oh, and let's not forget the big round rattan chair we girls all posed in! That was the time but these days when thinking about it...boring!!

Having the opportunity to go out and work with a woman on her shoot where we come up with awesome locations and ideas together to create a one of a kind photo shoot, then I'm there! Everyone has their chance to best capture who they are, what they like and have that portrait really speak to who they are as an individual.

Adding some fashion flair is really fun too for senior portraits! Megan brought her prom dress she had only one chance to wear. How awesome is it to have another opportunity to wear it again? This time a little more casual but just as elegant. I love these train tracks in Denver and with her elegant sweep of the gossamer fabric, we created this editorial senior portrait session that will be so much more Megan than any photo studio sitting!

We divided up the shoot into morning and later evening and each had its own mood. The evening had just been cleared of our regular afternoon thunderstorms we get here in Colorado so the clouds created a beautiful setting. We also got to throw in her 3 sisters and parents with the family dogs and make an entire family portrait session spontaneously!

She is a swimmer and life guard so the pool was a definite must. With flower petals on top of the water and a light summer top floating around her, we captured this lovely gal's love of the water. Well, she is a Pisces too!

Personal, fun, custom and original! How much fun I had! Editorial photo shoots whether they are senior portraits, beauty photography or modeling portfolios, I love when it becomes a collaboration and not a set script shooting list. So, when Megan looks back at her senior yearbook thirty years from now, it won't look the same as everyone else's!