Bachelorette Party! Historic Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs

A beautiful sweet with an awesome view from the long veranda made this location not only a great place for a bachelorette party, it was dreamy for boudoir portraits! Getting bored easily with my own sets, it was such a treat to have a different venue to create romantic and classic boudoir. The rooms had tall-down to the floor window/doors, classic furniture with warm coloring and again, that balcony was superb. A photographer's dream for great light as it reflected off of the creamy outside walls. Mirrors were abundant too either on the wall or as a wardrobe accessory.

We still don't know if anyone from down below was enjoying the view of our shoot on this beautiful Thursday afternoon?

Five women and I had a great time shooting fun, sexy and classy boudoir portraits in this historic hotel suite. It was easy to come up with different poses and what great models these gals were! We used the door frames, length of the balcony for distant shots, mirrors, ornate chairs, veranda furniture, walls and benches. All in all it was a lot of fun and celebratory-well, a little champagne helped with that too!

I love getting a group shot after everyone had had their turn and what better way then to have everyone in their sexy underwear having a pillow fight. The bride right in the middle of it all! I can't wait to plan another shoot at Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Springs.