Online Dating Portraits

I doubt there are many people out there that haven't experienced false advertising! You know, the picture looks really good but way different than it does in reality. Realtors do it making kitchens and bathrooms larger by wide angle views until we see for ourselves, food in restaurant menus look fresh, generous and delicious until we receive the actual plate and online dating sites have people posting pictures of themselves much thinner, less bald and way younger than they actually are. We always want to show our best sides but falsely representing yourself to others especially when you're trying to win that person over, does not make a great impression. It may get your foot in the door but only to have it slammed on your toes!

Recently I had the honor of working with a woman who wanted a fresh start. She wanted her portrait session to not only represent who she is and what she likes to do but be a little sexy and fun! With online dating being a popular way to meet other people, she wanted a great profile with awesome pictures showing who she was.She was not only being true to herself and loving who she is but true to anyone viewing her profile when she begins to date again on those dating websites.

Everyone loves a photo and one that speaks to who you are as an interesting person will only invite others of like-minded interests and that is, after all, a great way to meet someone you enjoy being with and hopefully do so for a very long time.

So you may think you see 'boudoir photography' and think, I don't need those type of pictures but maybe you haven't had a great beautiful portrait of yourself doing what you love! Beauty and lifestyle photography is exactly that-who are you? What do you like to do? And capturing a moment in time of yourself for yourself-and for anyone who would be really lucky to meet you!