Boudoir Photography-Become a Masterpiece!

Framing your portraits completes the process! You are art not a file! I use to have collage frames of the kids' portraits on the wall along the stairs at my home. I would go up and down the flights many times a day and often times, no matter how busy or rushed, I would still be able to get a glimpse of one of their smiles or silly poses. And times when I stopped and looked closer at their pictures, I was reminded of their growing, learning and experiences I felt lucky to have captured. Those portraits gave me a daily reminders of life and reality! It was there, physically hanging on my walls; proof that time passes and that I was glad to have caught that one moment. The key here is that they were printed portraits, framed and hung where everyone could enjoy them.

As we've become residents in a virtual cloud, our histories and proof of our existence is in the vapor! Letters are texts and emails that can be wiped out with a pushed button or a screwy hard drive. The physical letter has gone the way of a 'land line' telephone. The existence of my grandmother remains because I saved her written notes to me. Had she just done emails, there would be no physical remains to cherish. Actual prints of moments in time are proof that that person was actually real and alive! These days, though, can delete our history instantly and we can forget it and lose it among the crowded desk tops and spaghetti-like 'folders' we try to organize with.

Many people want the 'disc' of pictures. Many photographers struggle over the feasibility of this as something they offer their clients. I don't see it that way but look at it as a failure to have given the person what they were really looking for! If I hand over the digital files the chances that the client is going to go and print them themselves is very slim. We get busy, the disc goes in the 'to do' basket, busier still and it goes in a drawer with the promise of ordering prints 'someday'. Maybe a Christmas card here and there, but after they are sent out, we move on and portraits no longer have their significance. We forget really quickly.

When someone chooses to have portraits done, it is so they can SEE themselves or others. There has to be a physical print to do this! Shared, displayed and honored! You are a piece of artwork, get yourself on the wall!

I create artwork not digital files. You are the muse and subject. Art is meant to be admired and you can only do that with a physical piece. You become that framed admired portrait. A frame completes you and the art process is done.

Now, not all our boudoir photography is framed and hanging down the stairs, but putting them in the master bedroom or your walk in closet allows you to see how beautiful you are. They are for you, your significant other and private, but accessible to you and daily reminder that it is YOU and you're gorgeous!

So, when I offer my session package, it is complete. You get an album, hand designed where the images were selected by you. Something that is physical and meant to be looked at. Sure, I offer the digital files, but at least I know you will not lose out on being your own admired piece of art! And when someone chooses a beautiful image for a canvas-then they've become a timeless masterpiece!