Win a Holiday Boudoir Session!

Romance in Paris! My walking tour of all things yummy and
sexy in the city of Light and Romance!
There are a lot of reasons a woman searches a boudoir photographer. For many, it is a romantic and sexy gift to give their significant other. Often times, women are turning a corner in their lives, starting a new beginning or leaving something behind. I have worked with as many women as there are reasons for a boudoir session. What is yours? I would love to give you the experience of a boudoir session completely free! You just need to write a short paragraph why you want a boudoir session with me and my boudoir studio and post it on Belle Glamour Photography's Facebook page! The letter with the most likes will be honored with a complimentary boudoir session with Belle Glamour Photography complete with makeup and hair makeover and a beautiful 8 X 8 album!

What is your reason? Hurry and share on Belle Glamour Photography's Facebook page before November 15th when the winner will be selected! Remember it isn't the best reason chosen but how many people you have 'like' your reason on Belle Glamour's Photography's Facebook page!