Heart and Soul Boudoir Photography Portraiture

 How do you put your artwork into words? I hate writing personal bio's for art galleries when I exhibit, never know what to say for a 'mission statement' and evening writing a blog feels a little too narcissistic:) But, my boudoir portraiture only speaks so much. I think a lot since it is a visual medium, but how else can I tell you about the experience of having a boudoir session or how I do things?

Learning what I'm about through meeting the wonderful women who are looking for something different and unique is eye opening. Listening to how they explore the myriad of online boudoir photography studios, I understand what makes me different and what they truly want and how difficult it is to feel comfortable pursuing this. After all, doing the communication thing online, who knows what that photographer or experience is! And hearing this process, really makes me feel great and even honored, but I have a clearer understanding of my purpose or 'mission'!

So, summing up my boudoir photography in a paragraph is a little difficult since it is a very organic experience when we work together and it evolves based on your wants, needs, if the sun is out or our inspiration! But the key here is "What You Want". I never have a shooting template, a timer set, or a limit to outfits and sets. Our session together flows along with ideas passing between us, or laughter that distracts us. All enjoyable and fun with a comfortable environment and an ease that allows us to capture your true essence so that what shows on the picture isn't an image but your soul.

Meeting you ahead of time is important and the initial motivation is to explain who I am, allow you to explain what you're looking for and get to know one another. But it is more than this to me also. It is a relationship! I get to meet another person who has a story. I stay in touch with a lot of my new friends and love seeing wedding pictures from a recent bride who did boudoir or a maternity shoot and I want to see the baby pictures! No matter the years that go by, if one of these women emailed me I know who they are and we just pick up where we left off:) We have busy lives and remembering someone who touched your life in some way is a big deal to me that goes beyond being a photographer. Despite our virtual worlds we exist in these days, we still want a human on the other end and a 'hey how are you, nice to hear from you' when we email.

I create art with you as the subject. Like any artist, there is an ebb and flow that results with a collaboration and a relationship; a true understanding of you and my desire to create the best work possible every time. Making unique portraits of you as the subject, staying creative and allowing for an organic process without restrictions. Each person I meet begins this same way so that your unique story is a one of a kind edition. No cookie cutter templates and reproductions. This is how my photography studio works and what results from this will be a photographic portrait with a soul and a story, your story.