Valentine's Day Boudoir! 1 Hour?

Here we are again! That romantic holiday with hearts, flowers and chocolates...and let's not forget sexy lingerie and candlelight dinners. But you want all that and something more to make it super special! So, you've heard of this funny named photography called 'Boudoir' and your friends are all talking about it too. You do what??? you say!

Boudoir sessions that are unique, custom and take as long as you need!

So, you've started your research-that's why you're reading this now:) And everyone and their grandmother is a boudoir photographer. So, you look at investment and maybe have narrowed it down. But wait! How do I know how much time I need??? There are a lot of studios offering packages that are pretty inexpensive but for 1 hour (sometimes they're called 'marathons')and what isn't included? Is that enough time to warm up, get super awesome poses and not look dorky?

Well, maybe-especially if this isn't your first time posing for boudoir portraits. But most women have not and probably won't get the courage, resources or the right moment to invest in this again. SO DO IT RIGHT! Some women take a while to warm up and get comfortable and there are others who can flip their hair, strike the pose and get their eyes looking the 'come hither' way. But even they need a little warm up time!

1 hour? Doesn't work!

1 hour is NOT enough time to experience this awesome, uplifting, empowering genre of what boudoir can make you feel. And another thing, 1 hour does not give you enough time to know the person taking your pictures! I'm sorry, but this is an intimate experience that you want done right and 1 hour doesn't allow that to happen at all. Would you ask the wedding photographer to stay one hour to get everything?

Then, what kind of shots do you get in an hour? Are they original, creative and personal? Or are they the same standard looks you've seen in your research? How can you shine in YOUR photos in just 1 hour? What do you want to show? Who are you? What do YOU want?

As the photographer, there is no way I can shoot a boudoir session in an hour. We take our time, have fun, plan the sets and look, match colors, coordinate mood, etc. Then there are the different poses that give you playful, moody, sexy, hot and sultry. We do them all! And by the time we're done, I've taken close to 600 photos. (Thank you, digital). That's just how I do my boudoir sessions. We're relaxed and it takes however long it takes! No one is in after you and we really find ourselves developing the shoot organically. I start new with every person who I meet.

And there is one more thing to consider while you do your boudoir photography research. What is included? You may find some photographers are inexpensive but charge for the pictures afterwards. Or you see an amount that is more than budgeted and think, that's too much! But wait! Everything is included including an album of my beautiful shots. You think, mmm, this is something to consider.

As a photographer who takes this very seriously and wants the absolute best experience for anyone considering this gorgeous pictures of themselves, I emphasize to really ask the questions and think long term. If you're going to take all the trouble and time to get this far, then do it right and select a photographer who is going to care about YOU, capture the best of you and make you feel unique and special. And give you everything for the best boudoir experience you'll ever