Mastectomy Boudoir Photo Shoot

I was contacted by a wonderful woman named Alexis who had recently won a bridal boudoir photo shoot at a local bridal show which got her thinking about organizing a fundraiser for women who are breast cancer survivors. With her generous spirit and heart, she wanted to reach out to do this for women who deserve it having been through breast cancer. With all the effects of body and spirit the disease can have on a woman, body image becomes blurred in the need to survive, to still feel beautiful and feel like you conquered the beast.

Recently, I had the honor of photographing a breast cancer survivor who wanted to flaunt her beauty with her scares and all and show that she still and always will have who she is. Photography is the visual proof of this and she walked away believing that she is a winner in mind and body.

Below is taken from the website and the fundraising she is doing to give the gift of a boudoir photography session to two other women. If you'd like to donate, please click on the link below!

No matter what surgeries she has survived, every woman deserves to feel beautiful. Women who have faced breast cancer have emerged from pain, fear, scars, and dramatic physical changes that can affect how they view themselves and make them feel that their very femininity has been cut away by mastectomy.

My name is Alexis Emslie. I am partnering with Lydia Dody and Melissa Venable of Hope Lives! The Lydia Dody breast cancer support center and photographer Angelia McLean of Belle Glamour Photography  to provide a positive, beautiful way for Breast Cancer survivors to see the loveliness in themselves and their bodies through a tasteful, professional Boudoir photo that portrays them as the wonderful women that they are.

Angelia has graciously discounted her package for this special project. Our goal is to fund full packages for at least two women, for a total of $2,200. This amount covers:

-Pre-Session planning and consultation
-Personal Pinterest Board
-Relaxed session time with no time limit
-Professional hair and makeup stylist
-Retouching and Angelia’s skilled artistry creating works of art, not just pictures!
-One-on-one order session
-8 X 8 Album with 21 of the client’s most fabulous shots that they, personally, select!
-$300 for the woman to pick out a new outfit of her choosing that makes her feel comfortable and beautiful.

This is not about taking a sexy photo, but about being brave and getting the chance to feel beautiful again. These women have gone through trauma that few could fully understand. We do realize how difficult it must be for these ladies to overcome such challenges. Our goal is to help the healing process by emphasizing how beautiful they are. Hope Lives will help us determine from among their clients who would receive this special opportunity. The more funds that are received, the more women we can help.

This all started with a door prize at a Bridal show. I am getting married soon and a few weeks ago I received a 2nd place door prize for a Boudoir photography session. This got me wondering if there were local photographers who could do the same thing for women who deserve it. I came across Angelia. I want to help fund raise for women to embrace their beauty. I want to help women to stand strong as they move along a healing process of looking at themselves. This will help women with a challenging and difficult medical diagnosis find a positive experience, focusing not on what has been lost, but on what they have gained. They never truly lost their beauty, but a loving Boudoir photo shoot could help underline that fact.

The woman whose photos accompanies this is a breast cancer survivor and client of Angelia McLean. Photos used by permission from the client and Angelia. 

All donations $25 and over will receive a hand written note of appreciation for your support. Please send me a message with your address. Any amount is always greatly valued and appreciated!

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