Denver Boudoir Photographer-That's me!

 Boudoir isn't always a sexy pout! It's about celebrating who you are. And Belle Glamour Photography is me!

Boudoir isn't always a sexy pout! It's about celebrating who you are. And Belle Glamour Photography is me!

These days we leave messages with businesses only to have them not return our call. Or we send emails that go unanswered for days! We don't phone very much and talk in person so we have an ambiguous idea of who receives our messages and emails. Most of the time there is a 'call center' in our minds where mindless scripts are read and procedures followed or we imagine a big black hole where the message memo landed. Despite the fact that we humans created this world and did it to ourselves; this anonymity we've attained behind our digital existence, we still long for the human touch and response in our communications and we want to be treated special. 

I write about this in my blog this week because I want you to know, that it is a one woman show behind the lens. I'm the photographer of course but also the individual who responds to your email inquiries, answers my phone, retouches the boudoir portraits, designs the custom album books, writes the letters and personally delivers your beautiful photos. And I love every minute of it. That's because I love what I do in every area of Belle Glamour Photography. But just like you, I'm a mom, pet caregiver, student, fine artist, check writer, francophone, kid chauffeur, shoulder to cry on, gardener, you name it, you know what I'm talking about. I am the real Denver boudoir photographer behind the website and all of the above! Belle Glamour Photography is authentic.

For me it's the relationships that are created by meeting you, planning with you and laughing our socks off when we're shooting together. Then it's the emails months or years later I'll get hearing about an upcoming marriage, baby on the way from a former bride, etc or the excitement generated by a new attitude about yourself. All the things that happen in your life after we have had your boudoir photo session together. The relationship to me is just as important as the beautiful boudoir photographs I take of you! 

I get immense pleasure from hearing how much you loved your boudoir photo session with me and loving your sneak peek! It is my art and you as the muse that together creates your beautiful boudoir pictures. Belle Glamour Photography is me! And I want to invite you to my Denver boudoir studio so I can indulge with you in everything I love and make sure you're always treated special because you're important to me.