50 Shades of Grey and More!

 Boudoir Photography explores all types of shades and personalities. What is yours?

Boudoir Photography explores all types of shades and personalities. What is yours?

Define boudoir photography these days and you'll get a dozen or more ideas of what it's all about. Originally the word surfaced in the 1700's from the French word 'bouder' which means 'to pout' and then associated with a woman's private bedroom.

Over time, it has become somewhat a catch-all for the genre of photography where one can be playful and coquette like pin up photography all the way to Playboy and then even flirting with bondage scenes. These days anything goes! The trick is, and this is where the fear sets in for some women, is not strolling into tastelessness and pornography. Both 'p' words but many shades of grey in between! I've had women say "I don't want to do anything tasteless" Of course not! And neither do I want my artistic boudoir photography to be tasteless! This is my craft and only beautiful, ethereal, sexy and of course professional photography comes out of a session with me.

Despite the influence of the movie 50 Shades of Grey, bondage and playing in the kinky side of sexy has been around a long time. And erotic books are on your neighborhood bookstore shelves as I write: You just need to look past the feature kiosk with 50 Shades as the book du jour. The book and now the movie just made it mainstream and I think more women are curious about this different side of themselves. How do you want to capture this in a boudoir photography shoot? 

Sometimes having met with a woman, they're not sure what sort of mood they want to show in their boudoir session with me. This is where I say let's try it all! I never want a person leaving without having given themselves permission to discover all there is about themselves whether it is playful and flirty or dark and mysterious. Even enjoying the makeover before the session gives some women a first by seeing themselves glamorously. The whole experience will enlighten you from makeup to body image and your sensuality. 

How can we tell a sexy bondage story in photography? Props such as blindfolds, handcuffs and bondage style lingerie are part of it. It's all about giving yourself permission to play and explore. But gorgeous lighting and tasteful posing, along with my professional skills in retouching and editing of your boudoir portraits creates a piece of artwork in sexiness and boudoir eroticism.  

Each woman is different and so are their boudoir photography sessions with Belle Glamour Photography. There are 50 shades of gray defining boudoir photography these days and more and more women are giving themselves a gift to discover who they are inside and out. Photography just captures what you already have and puts it in print, uncovering all your shades!

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