Denver Boudoir Photo Session; A Little of Everything!

I can't begin to tell you how much I love the relationships I  have with people through photography and my photography studio. I've met some amazing and smart women who have come to me for their boudoir portraits and lifestyle shoots but also makeup artists, models and other photographers. Besides my passion for this medium, it is the connections created. 

This past weekend I had a woman who had had boudoir portraits done 2 years ago. She had just had a baby (and look at her figure!) (Not her first!) and plans to get married! Not only did we do a boudoir repeat but got 2 week old Rebecca for ethereal nursing shots but her husband for some couple boudoir shots. The pictures here speak of the day that words won't describe. So I'll sign off with a collage of photos from this weekend's awesome photo session at my Denver boudoir studio.

Angelia McLeanComment