Fine Art Boudoir Photography

I have always had an affinity to photographs and not just taking them. I collect other people's photos too from antique stores. There is this one moment in time that is now permanently recorded forever. I also started photography when I was young believing that what my camera could capture, so could I with paintbrush because my initial motivation was to take pictures properly framed and ready to put on canvas. So, taking pictures of landscapes, places traveled, textures or patterns and nature and animals was the beginning of a collection of reference photos that I would use for my paintings.

Years later,  I still paint but not as much as I take photos. I take photos that I intend to paint but that problem of time gets in the way so the collection of reference photos become pictures of captured memories and sights that I MIGHT paint one day.

Now I don't just take a picture to someday paint it. I photograph and make the photos themselves into fine art. It occurred to me that I am still a fine artist but that my photos are now that fine art rather than just a tool or reference.  My boudoir photography style has evolved with the influence of fine art.

Women who have their boudoir photography sessions with me experience something different than other portrait studios. I want you to be that fine art subject like in a Titian painting. I want  you to be the subject of an editorial that tells your story or illustrates you. I love painting but painting with pixels is my passion!